Alpha Youth


Alpha Youth is a program that has been used by churches and small groups all over the world. Alpha helps create space for young people to hold meaningful conversations about life, faith and purpose. We believe that one of the greatest ways to grow in your personal relationship with Christ is to ask questions. Through Alpha Youth we are able to open a space for students to ask those questions in a healthy way and seek to learn more about who they are, and whose they are, together.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is an intentional time of discipleship in which students are encouraged to ask difficult questions and seek answers together as a group. Things like, “is this life it? Does God still heal today? Why does evil exist in the world? and why do we read the Bible, pray, and go to church?” These questions, and more, will be discussed each week as the students join with their leaders to experience this journey together.

When is Alpha?

Sundays  •  January 28 – April 21  •  6:30 -8:00 pm

There are breaks from meeting that will take place on Super Bowl Sunday, the Sunday before Spring Break, and on Easter Sunday.


What is the cost?

Alpha will cost $50 which helps cover Alpha Weekend. We do have scholarships available, so please contact us if the cost is an issue.

Who can go to Alpha?

We are primarily offering this Alpha course for students who are currently in 9th grade. However, because this is a new opportunity for our students we will also offer this course for students who are in 10-11th grade as well. This course will take place at the same time Capstone is meeting, so we are encouraging all 12th grade students to attend Capstone rather than Alpha.

Alpha Weekend

April 13 • On Campus

We will have an all day retreat called Alpha Weekend that will take place here at First Methodist Church Mansfield.