About the Students Ministry

United Student Ministries exists to see young people become deeply devoted followers of Jesus. Everything we do is in pursuit of Him and who He has called us to be. God designed us to have relationships with Himself and others. It says it in our name, United Student Ministries, that we believe we are better together. Just like God is perfectly one and united in love as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we aspire to live as one with the relationships we share between God, ourselves, and other people.

We welcome all 7th – 12th graders (United) to grow in faith through weekly worship, bible study, small groups, games, and developing new relationships with others. We also prioritize the transitional years from elementary to middle school by offering 5th-6th graders (Impact) their own time for faith formation and community.

These years of development bring a lot of changes, uncertainties, triumphs, and celebrations; and the people that surround our students are of the utmost importance. Our students need a community of people to love and support them through their teenage years and beyond. Between our staff, parents/guardians, and a positive adult leader, we form a triangle of Christ-centered influence that is vital to the spiritual growth of our students.

Your child’s safety is of our utmost importance and, to keep them safe we need to know all about them and you for when those odd emergencies happen.  Each school year we ask that you complete a Student Registration form to enable us to keep our information accurate.  Please complete the form below ASAP!

Student Registration

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