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Why do we serve?

We believe that God has uniquely gifted each one of us with a purpose and role for serving others that he has called us to fulfill. At First Methodist Mansfield, we offer opportunities for everyone to find a place to love and serve others through our various ministry areas.

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”- John Wesley

Why should your group serve?

Bonding – Groups that serve together often build tighter connections with each other. By serving together, you create shared memories and experiences that we celebrate (and even laugh about).
Biblical – Groups that show concern for those in need emulate the ministry of Jesus, who met spiritual and physical needs.
Bolstering – Serving strengthens everyone as you step outside your comfort zone and learn to help others. Service is a muscle that needs to be developed and exercised. 
Beneficial – Groups that do the same thing over and over atrophy. Groups that mix up the format of the group stay healthier longer.

Get Involved

Your group can have a great impact when you serve together. If you need assistance deciding on a serving opportunity for your group visit FMCM.ORG/SERVING or contact our Missions and Serving Team Consider these ideas as a place to start with your group:

Serve Together at First Methodist  – A great place to start is within the church. Start small with a one-time service opportunity, like serving dinner during Mission Week or helping with Angel Tree. Then consider a longer-term commitment.

Serve in the Community – Find a local ministry and volunteer together on a Saturday morning. Your group might fall in love with an area of ministry and begin a regular act of service. Subscribe to our Missions and Serving Newsletter and visit our website for a list of community serving ideas. 

Go On a Prayer Walk – Identify an area of town, meet as a group at a pre-selected location, split into smaller groups, and walk and pray together. A great example is Methodist Mansfield Hospital. Meet in the parking lot and walk on the sidewalk around the campus praying for healing for patients and staff. 

Go on a Mission Trip Together – This might seem like an advanced goal, but groups that serve on a mission trip together come back bonded and forever changed. 

Plan a Serving Opportunity for your Group

Groups that have a great experience serving together are more likely to repeat it. Here are some tips for planning an excellent serving opportunity.

Set the Expectations – How many hours? What type of work? Who will be involved? Where will we go? Will you meet and ride together, or just meet at the location? What time will you meet? When will you be finished? Answer these questions ahead of time. Ambiguity is the enemy of excellence. 

Involve Everyone – Serving as a spectator is no fun, so make sure that everyone has a chance to participate as their gifts and abilities allow. 

Look for a Fit – With the time allowed and the abilities represented in the group, what are the opportunities available? If everyone is “all thumbs,” helping build ramps with Hands of Christ is out, but sorting donations at the Mansfield Mission Center might be perfect. 

Be Flexible – Inevitably things change or differ from expectations, so instruct the group to accept those changes with grace. 

Pray – Before you begin, circle up with your group and pray.

Celebrate Together – After the opportunity is over, go out for dinner or coffee and celebrate the time of service. Alternatively, celebrate and debrief during your next group meeting.

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