Special Needs

We have a place for you and your family!

This means we are equipped, trained, and ready to meet the needs of all of our Special Needs participants. There is the opportunity for a one-on-one mentor to be assigned at each of our programs. We also offer a Special Needs Nursery for all of our church events where Childcare is requested, as well as all of our worship services.

11:00 Sunday Morning Registration

To help us organize our available staff and volunteers ahead of time and to make sure we have the resources to provide the BEST care for our Special Needs Participants, we are requiring weekly Sunday Morning Registration for our 11:00 Sunday Class. There will be reduced class sizes, so extra care and attention can be paid to keeping everyone safe.

Sunday Morning Registration

To sign-up for our monthly event newsletter, contact Jamie Candler, Special Needs Director or phone 817-477-2287 x150.

Photo of Jamie Candler

Jamie Candler

Special Needs Director

Photo of Heather Musick

Heather Musick

Special Needs

Shelby Crow

Special Needs