Included Special Needs

About the Included Special Needs Ministry

We have a place for you and your family!

Welcome to the Included Special Needs Ministry, where we have a place for everyone of all ages and all abilities. We offer a safe environment to learn about Jesus based on the individual needs of our friends. We believe in having fun while we fellowship, build friendships, serve our church, and worship with our church family. We believe in inclusion within our church body, our congregation will often see us greeting before a service, working the register at the church store, and serve communion. We are a ministry family that loves BIG!


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Helping Opportunities

Our Included Ministry Family is growing and in order to provide the safest and most inclusive environment for all of our friends, we need those who are willing to serve with us. We believe in offering a safe space for our friends of all ages and abilities. We love to learn about Jesus and have fun while doing so. Our serving teammates aren’t required to have a background in special needs, a formal education in special needs, or any special medical knowledge. The Included Ministry is a great opportunity for families to serve together and a great place for youth to serve. We have several opportunities to become a part of our ministry family and we can promise you will be loved BIG. Contact us at to serve in this great ministry.

Serving Opportunities

Photo of Jamie Candler

Jamie Candler

Special Needs Director

Raelyna Ford

Special Needs

Donnette Plumlee

Special Needs | Adult Discipleship

Shelby Crow

Special Needs