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Welcome Parents!

We strongly believe that it is most important to partner with YOU as the parent. We as a Church only have about 40 hours of potential influence with your children each year, but the average parent or guardian has 3,000 hours of potential influence. We know that two combined influences make a greater impact than two individual influences. So join us as we combine the Light of the Church + the Love of the Home to = a Greater Impact on our children’s faith.


Download the monthly Parent Cue and see all the wonderful ways to enrich your children’s lives with continued conversations about God throughout the week. Visit back each month and we will have a new Parent Cue with great insights and information just for you.

May Parent Cues

Infants  2 & 3 Year-Olds  4 & 5 Year-Olds

1st-3rd Grade  4th Grade

Will Resume in Fall

Everyone knows “it takes a village” when it comes to raising kids, and our newest group “The Village” is here to help you do just that. Each month The Village will feature a program that will highlight a particular challenge as it relates to parenting, mentoring, leading, and/or teaching children, and help you find ways to respond to those challenges in a practical and loving way.  

The Village is intended for all types of caregivers as we all play a role in raising the children in our community! The goal is for everyone to have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and resources, while also making connections with other parents, grandparents, youth leaders, and teachers who are likely experiencing many of the same challenges when it comes to raising our children. We want to create a space where everyone can learn, share, laugh, cry, support and connect…after all, isn’t that what a village is for?

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Looking for a fun playgroup for your little ones?  Want to connect with other parents and grandparents here in Mansfield?  Then join us for Little Explorers!  This group meets once a month at various locations throughout the community and is open to anyone with young children or grandchildren.  Little Explorers is all about providing a space for the kids to play and explore while the adults have time to engage and connect with one another. 

To register for Little Explorers, please click here to fill out the registration form (the form only needs to be completed once, it is not necessary to register for each event). Have questions? Please contact us at Come explore with us!

Upcoming Little Explorers Dates Coming Soon