August 20, 2021

A Note From Pastor Jan

by Jan Davis

Dear First Family, 

Next week we will unveil a new model for the First 15 that is designed to bring us closer to God and deeper in discipleship.  We will explore intimate prayer, reflect on scripture and listen for God’s Word speaking directly into our individual lives. 

In order to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, it is important that we develop rhythms of scripture reading, meditation and prayer.  The First 15 is a well-designed and well-written tool enabling us to spend quality time with God daily.  First Methodist Mansfield’s pastors have been preparing and providing the First 15 resource for years, encouraging us to begin the first fifteen minutes of every day with God.  I personally enjoy participating in this devotion every morning.  

At the request of our Senior Pastor, David Alexander, we will continue to offer the First 15 but take a new direction for Fall of 2021.  This new format will feel more like a personal prayer guide than a daily devotional.  

There are many outstanding daily devotionals available.  I have enjoyed a variety over the years – devotions like The Upper Room, Jesus Calling, and The SeedBed Daily Text.  Daily devotionals bring the scripture alive under the writing of a faithful Christian author and help relate the Bible to daily life.  Sometimes however, when we read a daily devotional, we may hear what God is saying to the author and potentially prevent what God wants to say directly to us. 

In order to grow closer in our walk with God, we will incorporate several ancient prayer methods into the First 15 over the next several weeks.  This prayer guide will open our hearts and minds to what God is saying directly to us.  Two of the practices we will utilize are called Lectio Divina and Praying the Scriptures.  

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I hope you will go on this discipleship journey with me starting next week.  I would appreciate any feedback you want to share so that we can continue to improve the First 15.  Please email comments directly to me at

In Christ, 
Pastor Jan

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