April 8, 2022

Walk through Holy Week with Jesus

by David Alexander

Thoughts from David Alexander

Dear First Family, 

If you skip the bad news, grace gets a little less amazing with each passing day. 

During Holy Week, we walk with Jesus through his final days in Jerusalem ultimately arriving at the moment of his unimaginable suffering on the cross. This Holy Week I want to encourage you to walk with Jesus through each of his final steps. 

The fullness of Easter’s joy can only be found when we fully appreciate how Friday’s cross brought all hope to an end.

As your Pastor, here’s what I want to strongly encourage you to do in this coming week. 

  1. First, be in the word. Pastor Jan has prayerfully and intentionally created Holy Week specific devotionals through our First 15 starting on Monday. With this resource as our guide we are able to step by step take the journey with Christ to the cross. Not skipping the bad news. 

  2. Second, take time to serve. This week also provides a couple of serving opportunities as well as an opportunity for intentional prayer. Sign up to be part of our Easter Welcome Team, join in with the Good Friday Playground Freshen Up, take an hour and pray for those who have been deep in the heart of war and conflict. Go beyond yourself. 

  3. Finally, be fully present. I can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t skip the bad news. Be present as we experience The Last Supper together on Holy Thursday. Be at the foot of the cross, at the foundation of our suffering, as together we reflect at our Good Friday Service. Receive Easter Sunday as a gift of new life that we are all offered, and share that gift with others. 

I cannot wait to experience this Holy Week with you. Below is a complete list of what is being offered this coming up week:

April 10th – Journey with Jesus Movie Night 6pm in the Chapel 
April 13th – 24 Hour Digital Prayer Vigil for the Ukraine
April 14th – Holy Thursday Service
April 15th – Good Friday Playground Freshen-up ,  Good Friday Service
April 16th – Easter Family Fun Day
April 17th – Easter Worship Services 

I look forward to being with you this weekend. 

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor David

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