January 12, 2024

Our one word for 2024

by David Alexander

Dear First Family, 
During a board meeting I attended this week for one of our community partners, we spent a few minutes talking about New Year’s resolutions. Several goals were shared before someone said, 
“Many years ago I changed from setting a specific resolution to identifying one word to be my focus for the year.” 
I found myself pausing to consider what that one word should be for me in 2024. I’m almost embarrassed to say that it took me a few minutes to figure out the obvious answer. 
My word is Sabbath, and if you were in worship last weekend, you already know that Sabbath is the word we are inviting our entire church to claim as their one word for 2024. 
We are spending the first four weeks teaching on this ancient practice that somehow has been lost in our modern understanding of the Christian life.

Last week I shared that “Remembering the Sabbath” is the one commandment we actually encourage one another to brag about breaking. We dismiss it as an antiquated practice out of touch with the modern world. Busyness is a sign of social status. Hurry is a badge of honor.  
And yet we are perhaps the most exhausted, anxious, agitated, worn out and burned out people in all of human history. 
And if you’re tired of being tired, I want to invite you to join me in claiming Sabbath as your one word for this brand new year. 
I love you and I am proud of you, 
Pastor David

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