December 4, 2020


by Taylor Davis

A Note from Taylor Davis

Hello FMCM Family of Believers,

December 1st was The Word!

December 2nd was I Am.

Yesterday was Immanuel.

Today He is the Alpha & Omega.

Do you know what I’m doing? Some of you do. I am sharing with you the 25 names of Jesus from the Advent Calendar that our Group Life and Children’s Teams handed out in the BIG Christmas drive-thru pick up Sunday. Sunday was just the START of us celebrating the birth of Christ together this month. (We maxed out but are printing more because these are awesome. Email to get yours from our resupply)

It’s funny that it would take 25 little cardboard cards to remind me that the last words that will be in my family’s heads and on our lips over the last days of this year will not be … Election… Covid… or even Vaccine. The last word of the year will not be a word at all. It will be a name. Many names. 25 names that mean the same thing and point to the same man.

The Advent calendar has something for each day of Christmas and our church almost does too. Here are a few of the highlighted dates coming up soon so you can dive into each day and each weekend with us!

  • Today, December 4th is Sensory Santa up at the church for all those with Special Needs in seeing Santa Claus quietly or calmly.
  • Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 am is Outdoor Worship on campus (not in the remote parking lot) at The Back Porch. Join us at both of these services for our first live Communion together in months!
  • December 12th is BIG Christmas on campus for the afternoon Christmas Stroll! This is the ONE event you should try to make to catch the campus at full Christmas joy and excitement! The Christmas Stroll is for EVERYONE.
  • December 20th @ 7pm ONLINE is The Christmas Spectacular television production
  • Christmas Eve Eve (Dec 23rd) ONLINE for Family Service at 4:00 pm, Contemporary Service at 6:00 pm, and Traditional Service at 8:00 pm
  • Christmas Eve ONLINE for Family Service at 4:00 pm, Contemporary Service at 6:00 pm, Traditional Service at 8:00 pm, and the Candlelight Service at 11:30 pm online from Pastor David’s home to yours!

He may have 25 names because after all, he is the main attraction here. He is all that and more. We, however, you and I, we have one name… His.

Be safe and Merry Christmas,


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