October 30, 2020

Worship is the Headline for This Week

by Taylor Davis

A Note from Taylor Davis

Hello Church Family,

Worship… Worship… Worship is the headline for this week. At what may be the height of 2020’s intensity of virus, election, and frustration…FMCM will worship.

Tomorrow morning is Come & Go Prayer, Saturday from 9:00 to noon in the Sanctuary
Sunday Night Outdoor at the new lot now at 4 PM (new time for daylight savings and its supposed to be sunny and 65º)
December 6th is the target date for Sunday morning worship in the sanctuary at 9 AM and 11 AM (new times for a new world)
You ready for this one… Student Worship is coming back to Sunday Nights led by Pastor Shea!
Yes, one of our leading voices is now totally focusing on our Students. Shea has the whole same amazing Student Team but is building his own music and worship for a completely new experience for our students coming on Sunday Nights.

There has been so much prayer and work done on our New Church for a New World plan for Indoor / Outdoor / Online worship, all with the exact same experience at the same time, at 9 AM (Contemporary) and 11 AM (Traditional) Sunday mornings. Please hear all the details from Pastor David and me here.

Worship does happen in a lot of ways so let me share with you how this church’s spirit and love for God showed up last week!
There have been record sales at The Pumpkin Patch. Over $45,000 of sales that helps out our Student Ministry tremendously
Special Needs Ministry partnered with the Sunrise Rotary of Mansfield to raise a record $2,500 in one evening at the Burgers for a Cause event (I’ll praise & worship over that incredible support)
We had visitors (VISITORS!) come to Outdoor Worship last weekend in a nasty rain… they were looking for worship and found it in a parking lot near there house
We had over 400 people on our Campus last Saturday for Children’s Ministry Fall Family Extravaganza

Next week will be a week filled with giant headlines filed with election returns, unrest, and virus spikes. There are a lot of ways to get through a week like that but I think my favorite way through it will be worship…worship…worship!

Love you all,


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