February 5, 2021

Welcome! Nice To Meet You

by Taylor Davis

A Note from Taylor Davis

Hello Church Family,

So here we are, meeting each other again or for the first time, all anew this weekend. Some of us are very close to one another and have been connected for the last 11 months, that is true. But is everyone coming back the same? Is everyone coming back with all their family members? Will our Police Officer friends or our small business owners or our Teachers be just like they were when we were all together last?

Do you know the young High School girl who joined online this summer, having never been to our building? Have you met the beautiful young family who strolled across Pleasant Ridge to join our Outdoor Sunday Night service just from hearing the music float down their street? What will you do when you are seated in a totally new row, completely across from where you used to sit, around new faces? Who is that sitting all the way across The Back Porch with the coat pulled up and behind that mask? Do I know these faces that go with names besides “Likes” on Facebook? (I have actually yelled across the house many times… “Honey, do we know the Wilson’s? They seem nice online?”

I think I know what we will do. I think we will worship the risen Christ! I think we will be joyful, appreciative, grace-filled Christians. Sunday we will worship and break bread together from our living rooms (with communion and a prayer card already delivered right to your door – just email info@fmcm.org), from The Back Porch, and in the Sanctuary.

God is always creating. Christ is always making us new. So expect “new” this weekend. Greet and worship like the Lord is doing a new thing at FMCM this weekend.

“Hi, I’m Taylor. Nice to meet you.”


Take a quick tour of how everything is going to work this weekend Indoors and Outdoors with Pastor David. It’s ALMOST as good as the online tour of Disney World. I said ALMOST.

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