Walk to Emmaus

The Walk to Emmaus is an experience of renewal and formation. It will help you grow as a disciple and God’s grace and love will be revealed to you in a unique way. The retreat is held at Glen Lake Camp in Glen Rose, Texas. There, you will discover how God’s grace is real in your life, learn practices of Christian discipleship, and explore what it means to be the Body of Christ. You will have personal and small group reflections, special times of worship, and participate in Holy Communion. The weekend is wrapped in prayer, and you will be loved and supported by the First Methodist Mansfield Emmaus Community.


What you need to attend a Walk:

1.  Sponsor

  • Pilgrims attending a Walk must be sponsored by someone who has previously attended one. If you are looking for a sponsor, the Emmaus Community at First Methodist Mansfield would love to support you.

2.  Registration

  • A registration form will need to be completed and will be posted when upcoming walks are available. This connects you with the Emmaus Community at First Methodist Mansfield.

3.  Application

  • Fill out the application, including a section from your sponsor and from a pastor. Applications can be turned in to First Methodist Mansfield or mailed directly to the Central Texas Conference Walk to Emmaus.

Download an Application

Contact discipleship@fmcm.org to get connected with a sponsor or to have your application signed by a pastor.


Participants in Emmaus weekend are encouraged to make a reunion group a regular part of their week. Emmaus Reunion Groups are small accountability groups that usually meet once a week. During this time, group members pray together and discuss their walk with Christ during the previous week. It is a time of fellowship, encouragement, and mutual support.
Men’s Emmaus Reunion Group Women’s Emmaus Reunion Group

To start an Emmaus Reunion Group at First Methodist Mansfield, email discipleship@fmcm.org.


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