September 8, 2023

Sharing Life Together this Fall

by David Alexander

Dear First Family, 
This weekend we are entering into a new sermon season called Life Together. During this nine-week season, we will be looking at the necessity of establishing and maturing life-giving and kingdom-focused relationships in the Christian life. The way I have expressed this before is to say that a relationship with God matures within Christian community. To think of it in any other way is like expecting a tree to grow that hasn’t been planted in the soil. 
I hope you will be with us this weekend as we begin this journey we will share together in this fall season. And yes, I said fall. Did you know the forecasted high for Tuesday is 79 degrees?
Today, I also wanted to remind you that our Pastors Bible Study will start back up this Wednesday, September 13th. We meet in the Chapel at 9:30am and will also be available online at This semester, Pastor Jan and I will be teaching through the book of James. There is no registration needed. All you need to participate in Pastors Bible Study is a Bible and a desire to learn more! 
I will see you this weekend! 
Grace & Peace, 
Pastor David

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