January 7, 2021

Praying for Our Nation and Our World

by David Alexander

Thoughts from David Alexander

First Methodist Family, 
Last night we made the decision to set aside what we planned to share during our Weekly Check-In so that I could speak, as your pastor, about the events that took place yesterday in our nation’s Capitol. 
I shared again my conviction that, 
The Church – united under the lordship of Jesus Christ – should be uniquely equipped to bring healing to a broken and bitterly divided world. 
I shared several scriptures with you and closed by leading in a time of praying for our nation and our world. 
If you did not get the chance to see that, I want to encourage you to click the image link below to watch that video and spend a few minutes praying today. 
Amidst our shock, sadness, anger, uncertainty, fear – the whole range of emotions that I know all feel right now – I want to challenge us as a community of faith to again claim together these convictions:

  • We must lead. 
  • You can lead others right now by working for healing in your own heart, your own family, your own relationships. 
  • We are united in our stand against division which is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the adversary of God’s work in the world and God’s work in our lives. 

 Leaders go first and no one should do that better than those who follow the one who went first for all of us. 

Grace & Peace, 

Pastor David

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