February 24, 2022

Looking forward to significant weekend with you!

by AnnMarie McLain

Thoughts from David Alexander

Dear First Family,

When my Papaw passed away one thing I learned was that he was the last surviving charter member of his church. He taught the Bible Builders Sunday School there for more than 60 years. It was a community of faith that he deeply loved.

I think of him often and have done so even more frequently over these last several years. He had the unique opportunity to be part of something brand new and to see it mature and grow over the course of his life.

And what he built, he gave away. 

He ran the great race of faith so well. I was only one of a multitude to whom he passed the baton, but being one of the grandsons of Jack Alexander will always be one of the greatest blessings of my life.

This Sunday, you and I will have the once in a lifetime chance to experience one of my Papaw’s greatest joys. Inspired by all those who have come before us, we are breaking ground on a new church for a new world.

At the close of our services on Sunday, all will be invited to name themselves as charter members of that new church.

That was an opportunity that changed my Papaw’s life. I trust it can do the same for you and me and our life together. I don’t want you to miss it. 

It’s a new world out there and until our race is finished, faithfulness demands that we continue to run well into this brand new future. 

As we look forward to Sunday, here are two additional opportunities I want you to know about.

This Friday Night at 6:30pm in the Loft we will have our next Guys Night Out with a special guest. Our very own Julian Hobdy will be sharing his own faith story and his perspective on this work we are doing to build a new church for a new world. We will also be sharing a great dinner together. You can still register by visiting this link

On Saturday night at 6pm in our Sanctuary we will be having a special night of music and prayer as we prepare as we seek God’s blessing over the steps of faith we are taking together. All ages are welcome to attend and nursery will be available for children 3 and under. 

I can not wait to share this significant weekend with you!

Grace & Peace, 
Pastor David

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