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Kairos Prison Ministry brings the light, love and
friendship of Jesus Christ into the lives of prisoners.

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What is a Kairos Weekend?

Walk #39 • November 2 -5, 2023

A Kairos Weekend is an intense, four-day spiritual retreat for prison residents that incorporates curriculum designed to build and encourage pro-social character and behavior, prayer and music.  For each weekend, 42 residents are selected from over 300 who apply.  Also participating are 22 additional residents who have been on a Kairos walk previously and have been chosen to serve.  The weekends are facilitated by a team of 40+ lay persons and clergy (both the inside team who serve within the prison walls and the outside team who prepare food and pray throughout the weekend.)

The cookies that are baked are available every day on the tables for the residents to eat at free will.  In addition, the outside team prepares meals for the residents and team each day, including lots of fresh fruit.  According to a Kairos team member from a past walk, “it’s not unusual to see inmates sit and stare at a banana, an orange slice or a bunch of grapes and cry because it has been years since they had such a treat.”

The last day is the Closing Ceremony, similar to graduation for attendees (others also have the opportunity to attend with prior registration).  Here, the inmates have the opportunity to share their personal testimonies and get time to meet their prayer partners who have been praying for them all weekend.

How else can you help?

  1. Commit to praying for them during each day of the walk
  2. Help cover the cost of meals with the enclosed $5 meal ticket
  3. Sponsor one incarcerated man on his walk for $150

To learn more about other ways to support Kairos Prison Ministry, including the prayer chain and monetary donations, contact serving@fmcm.org.

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