January 25, 2021

Indoor | Outdoor | Online FAQ’s

by First Methodist Mansfield

General Questions

What are the times for worship?
To provide time to properly sanitize our sanctuary, our Sunday morning worship times will change to 9:00 Contemporary & 11:00 Traditional for all offerings (Indoor/Outdoor/Online) starting February 7th.
How do I make a gift/offering?
In order to follow all CDC guidelines, we will not be passing an offering plate. We would like to invite you to give online at fmcm.org/give, use one of the drop boxes located out of your worship space, or you can drop your gift off at our main office at 951 Walnut Creek. You can also use our FMCM app or text GIVE to 77977.
What about Communion?
We will participate in communion during both services (the first weekend of the month) using individual prepackaged communion cups that include a communion wafer and juice. These will be shared with you when you arrive indoors and outdoors.
You will also be able to either drive-thru and pick up your communion cups the first Saturday of the month or register to have your communion cups delivered to your home by emailing us at info@fmcm.org.
What if I miss a worship service, can I watch it online later?
Yes! We have all of our online offerings available on our ON DEMAND VIDEOS section of our website. You can see all of those videos at fmcm.org/ondemand.

Indoor Worship Questions

Will masks be required for Indoor worship?
Yes. Masks are required at all times while on the campus of First Methodist Mansfield. This includes Indoor and Outdoor worship. If you prefer not to wear a mask, we want to invite you to worship with us online.
Will we need to make reservations to attend Indoor worship?
Reservations will not be required to attend Indoor worship.
When will doors be open for Indoor Worship?
Doors will be open 20 minutes before worship begins.
What are some examples of the steps you are taking to keep indoor worship safe?
Your safety is our primary focus for indoor worship. We will be sanitizing our sanctuary between services and cleaning our campus throughout the time our building is available to you. We will also have ushers guide you in and out of the sanctuary to ensure social distancing. If you have any saogfnety concerns, please contact us at info@fmcm.org.
If the sanctuary fills up, will people be turned away?
We believe we will have plenty of space for you and your family! If we find ourselves reaching capacity you will not be turned away, instead, you are welcome to attend worship on The Back Porch – our Outdoor venue.
Will groups be able to meet Indoor as well?
Not at this time. We are still working on a plan for groups and focusing on the 9:00 and 11:00 worship times.
Will you be able to sit next to your family or person that comes to church with you?
YES. Families and those attending with you will be able to sit together. We ask that you enter the sanctuary with those that you would like to sit with so you can all be seated together. We will space groups out with one row open between rows.
Can my child worship with me in the sanctuary?
Yes, children are always welcome in any of our worship spaces! If they are not interested in participating in all we have going on in worship, they are welcome to bring a tablet and headphones and tune into our ON DEMAND Children’s Worship.

Outdoor Worship

What is The Back Porch?
The Back Porch (our Outdoor Worship venue) is located in the square parking lot behind Building A. This space is a safe place to experience the same worship service happening in the sanctuary outdoors. The Back Porch includes large screens to watch the service, space heaters, patio seating, and friendly faces to make you feel welcome.
When will Outdoor Worship cancel due to inclement weather?
In order to leave plenty of time to communicate a change, we will be making a weather call on Saturdays at noon for the next day. We will post the weather cancellation soon after a call has been made on our social media, website, FMCM app, and we will send an email to those that are on our Churchwide email list. You can always text us at 817-477-2287 if you have any questions.
What if I want to listen to worship in my car on The Back Porch?
We would love for you to tune into 88.1 FM to listen to our worship service while parked on The Back Porch.

Online Worship

What will my online worship experience look like?
We are able to provide the very best online worship experience we can by placing you directly into our worship space where you are an integral part of the worship service. You are invited to go to our online bulletin each week to see all we have to offer, fill out our connection card, and make a gift.
How can I watch online?
You can join us online several different ways – you can watch on our website at fmcm.org/live, on our FMCM app, Facebook Live, Facebook Watch on Apple TV and on Firestick, and you can also watch on our First Methodist Mansfield Roku channel.


What is available for my children?
Children’s programming will be offered during both the 9:00 and 11:00 worship times, with Indoor | Outdoor | Online options.

Children’s Indoor


During our weekend programming, children will experience interactive worship, a time of creative storytelling, and explore the Bible through a variety of hands-on activities that lead the small groups into meaningful conversations.
To help us provide the best care for your children, registration is required each week. Registration opens each week on Monday. You can find our registration here.

Children’s Outdoor

We have coloring books available for your children at our Outdoor Connection Point for them to use as they sit with you through the service. They are also welcome to bring their own tablet and headphones to watch our Children’s Worship ON DEMAND. There are lots of amazing and engaging resources online to help your children continue to connect throughout the week. Resources at: fmcm.org/virtualresources.

Children’s Online

We are excited to offer our Children’s Worship experience ON DEMAND for you to use whenever you would like! We will also air Children’s Worship on our First Place Kids – First Methodist Mansfield Facebook page at 10 am on Sunday mornings. Feel free to have your children bring a device with headphones to listen while you are in service. There are several amazing and engaging resources to help your children continue to connect with the biblical truths throughout the week at fmcm.org/virtualresources.

What are the safety protocols in place for my child who comes Indoor for Children’s Programming?
We not only want your child to have a meaningful experience while in our care, but we also want them to be safe! Please take a look at our safety guidelines here.

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