February 12, 2021

Good Timing

by Taylor Davis

A Note from Taylor Davis

Happy Friday Church

Brrrrr… is your house as cold as my house?

My Dad used to say “It’s better to be lucky than good” and it seems like our timing as a church may have been good! Now that we are inside the Sanctuary with worship (to go along with our Online and Outdoor services) … all will be warm & cozy at 9:00 am and 11:00 am this Sunday.

We will make a final call on the Back Porch Outdoor service at noon on Saturday but to me… Online and Inside the Sanctuary will be the safe, warm options for worship this Sunday!

Here is what is awesome about Inside and Online this weekend…

There is plenty of room at home and at church! (I can’t speak to how well you spread out on the couch for Online worship …but in the Sanctuary last week we were so spread out there was room enough for you, your neighbors, and your kids all to sit together!
Both will be plenty warm (unless your house is like mine and just can’t hang when it’s below freezing.)
Children are welcome both in your home and in the Sanctuary… except at Church we will actually watch & teach your Children for you! (Please register here for Children’s this weekend)

So, on a cold Sunday like this weekend, it’s a close race between Indoors and Online. I get it… it’s a tough choice. Donut or Kolache? Tiger or Phil? Here is the great news… we are thrilled with either choice! When Pastor David stands in the center of the Sanctuary this Sunday morning, he sees you. He feels you. He is talking to you. He knows there are 700 to 800 families looking back through that camera. He can obviously see and hear the singing of the 200 to 350 (with our Sanctuary not surpassing our current 25% capacity safeguard) worshippers in the room. When The Porch is open… (don’t even think about this Sunday – brrrrr) we know you are just as connected to us as anyone.

Make your choice this weekend. Me… I’m going with the donut, on the way to the Sanctuary, and then home to pull for Phil Mickelson (who needs a little luck at Pebble Beach this Sunday).


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