God Is Big Enough


How God Is Big Enough Started

In early 2010, Pastor Steve Ramsdell was in a hotel room he had been staying in while receiving cancer treatment at MD Anderson in Houston… when God gave him four words… words God was inviting Steve to trust during that time of uncertainty. Those words were:

And because of what those words came to mean for him during that time, Steve decided to share them with others thinking that maybe these four simple words might mean something to others as well.

When he shared those words with his church he had the thought that if they printed those words on a wristband, others might appreciate having one of those wristbands as an ongoing reminder of that simple statement of faith.

People in his church went crazy. The first day they had them available, they were all gone and when they ordered the next batch they disappeared just as quickly. He noticed that people weren’t just taking one for themselves, they were taking them for others they thought might appreciate them. It had actually created a great problem but a problem nonetheless. The supply couldn’t keep up with the demand.

How It Came To First Methodist Mansfield

That Christmas Eve, Steve’s twin brother Mike Ramsdell who was Senior Pastor of this church at the time thought, “Maybe people here at First Methodist Mansfield might appreciate those as well.

Pastor Mike decided we would introduce those at our Christmas Eve services. We were going to be overly ambitious with our initial inventory by ordering 10,000. I’ll never forget two things Mike said. First, he said, “I want us to go ahead and order a lot so that we can have enough for Christmas Eve and for all those in the weeks after who might want one.” Then after all 10,00 of those bracelets were gone before we even got to the last several Christmas Eve services, I remember him saying, “I guess I should have told them to only take one.

Over a decade later, we have shared with people in our local community and all around the world an expression of how BIG we believe God is. These blue wristbands that include this statement of faith, GOD IS BIG ENOUGH, have not only been shared with friends and family members, but also with workers, neighbors and other acquaintances. We have heard hundreds of stories from so many moments when others have felt the desire to even share that with a complete stranger.

How do I get God Is Big Enough Bracelets?

We have our original God Is Big Enough blue wristbands available in kid sizes, small adult sizes, and large adult sizes. We also have a variety of different colors that represent the many different types of cancer that people face. Click below to see the colors.

All of these wristbands can be found around our campus. If you need help locating them, simply stop by our Connecting Point outside of the worship space or you can text 817-477-6498 and we can help locate what you are looking for. If you would like to order God Is Big Enough bracelets in bulk, simply fill out the form below and we will connect with you.

These wristbands are our gift to you! If you would like to make a donation to continue on the blessing for others you are more than welcome to do that, but it is not expected.  

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