November 5, 2021

Celebrating Our Veterans

by David Alexander

Thoughts from David Alexander

Dear First Family, 

I appreciate having the chance to briefly lift up a few things happening in our community and our church this weekend. 

First, the annual Veterans Day Parade in Mansfield will take place this Saturday beginning at 10 AM. Over 30 floats will be on display during the parade which ends with a musical tribute led by First Methodist’s choir and orchestra, Bethlehem Baptist Church’s choir, Legacy High School’s choir and Mansfield High School’s band in front of The Lot where you can tour the Remember Our Fallen display that is open all day that day. On Sunday we will also have our camo God is Big Enough bracelets at our Connecting Point for you to pick up in honor of a veteran or those who are actively serving in the military. 

Alongside that, I also want to make sure all our men know about our next Guys Night Out event on Friday, November 12th which will feature personal stories from those who have served in the military over different times of America’s conflicts and hear about the impact on these veterans’ faith. If you are interested, register HERE.

On Sunday afternoon at 6 PM Pastor Jan and I would like to invite all parents of our 5th – 12th grade students for an opportunity to meet our new Student Ministry Director, William Mansfield! We will gather for a meet and greet to learn about the vision for Student Ministry as we work to engage our students at First Methodist Mansfield.

I hope you will be a part of worship this weekend as we continue our series, First Things First. We believe that faithfulness in the first things has the power to change everything. Last week we began looking at the fact that when we try to swap out the first thing in our lives for what we believe will be a better thing, we quickly discover that making that change is more difficult than we might think. 

If you missed last weekend’s message, “Don’t Think About an Elephant” you can find that here on our website. This Sunday I will be sharing the next message in this series, “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” 

I look forward to connecting with you this weekend. 

I love you and I am proud of you, 

Pastor David

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