Pastor Julian Hobdy

Associate Pastor

Pastor Julian Hobdy is the proud husband of Jocelyn Hobdy and grateful father of three beautiful girls—Mya, Joi, and Jordyn. They have lived and worked in the Mansfield community since 2006 when they were married.

Pastor Julian is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Religion and a minor in Philosophy. At present, he is pursuing a Master of Divinity degree with a concentration in Theology and Social Justice at Southern Methodist University Perkins School of Theology. He also has an extensive background in the arts and Communications.

The thing that Julian would want you to know most is that he sees himself as a child of God, husband, son, father, brother, friend, and servant—in that order. He has a deep, abiding desire to help extend the Kingdom of God by sharing Christ with others through his words and actions. Pastor Hobdy loves helping people find the ‘A-ha’ moments where life and faith connect.

He firmly believes that all theology must have a real impact on communities, societies, and sociocultural contexts. In that respect, he agrees with St. Augustine’s belief that “Without God, we cannot; without us, [God] will not.” He believes that in God, we can truly live a good life—a life marked by a deep love of God and a deep love of neighbor. As such, his present academic work centers on the intersectionality of race and religion. He is interested in generating resources to create brave/r spaces to facilitate conversations around justice, equity, and community transformation. He believes that Dr. Cornel West had it right when he said, “Just as intimacy is what love looks like in private, so is justice what love looks like in public.”