February 24, 2023

Be part of this special opportunity.

by David Alexander

Thoughts from David Alexander

Dear First Family,

On Ash Wednesday this week we entered the season of Lent.
In this 40 day period of time, we intentionally seek to disrupt the normal rhythm of our lives. In a posture of humility, we spend these days walking with Jesus to the cross as we also invite the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts, to convict us of our sin, and to lead us back from the places where we have wandered.

We had an inspiring worship service on Ash Wednesday. At the bottom of this email, you will find the prayer of confession we shared as a part of that gathering which you might use each day as we move through this season.

If you do not already receive our First15 daily devotional, Lent would be a great time to start that practice. You can find more information and subscribe by visiting this link.
I also wanted to provide a special invitation for you to share in the future steps of First Methodist Mansfield by being a part of our small group meetings with our consultant, Mike Bonem. We will be holding several small gatherings on both Sunday and Monday (February 26th and 27th) and there are still spaces available if you are interested in signing up. Please visit the link here to be part of this opportunity.

I look forward to being with you this weekend as we continue our third season focused on Real Christianity.

I love you and I am proud of you,

Pastor David

Ash Wednesday Prayer of Confession

Loving God,
I am thankful that you are a loving God.
I am thankful,
That you know my heart,
That you see me for who I really am.
You have loved me with your whole heart,
But I have not loved you with all of mine.
I have not loved my neighbor,
As fully as you have loved me.
I acknowledge that I have wandered,
And I have failed to do what is right.
I seek your forgiveness,
I ask you to cleanse me,
I desire to walk in newness of life with you.
Merciful God,
Have mercy on me.
Through your Son Jesus Christ,
Have mercy on me.
This is my prayer,
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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