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ZOE Ministry

Pray for our ZOE India Empowerment Groups

Support Our Kids

ZOE Empowers Ministry transforms the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children from poverty and neglect to self-sufficiency and community within three years. This happens through Education, Encouragement, and Advocacy. On February 5-14 Susan Luttrell and our mission team will visit the two ZOE India empowerment groups we began sponsoring in July 2017. We celebrate these two groups that will graduate in June 2020. 

  • The Best of Future group includes 37 households with 56 total children.
  • The Everything is Possible group includes 38 households with 86 total children. 

When these children first joined the ZOE India program they had been living in extreme poverty and their lives were unstable. Many had been living with a caregiver who shared their shelter but was unable to provide adequate food, education, health care or other support children need.  The children’s ages range between infant and college-age; however, the youth who is designated as the head of the household must be old enough to manage a small business and so is usually between the ages of 14 and 21.

Please pray for our ZOE India kids as they work to reach graduation and for our mission team on their journey to India in February.

ZOE Orphan Empowerment Ministry - Rwanda, India

First Methodist is a ZOE Hope Companion, sponsoring 1000 children every 3 years on their journey out of poverty. Over the past six years, we have sponsored over 2000 children in Rwanda who are now self-sufficient. Our ZOE class of 2016-2018 includes children in three countries— click on each country below to see pictures and details of their progress.


    Rwanda              India 2016-2018
                                India 2017-2019