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Juntos Servimos Ministry - Mexico

Emergency Need— Compassionate Care and Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation— The current kitchen has only 2 functioning burners, a small sink, no oven, and limited preparation space. They are preparing approximately 300 meals per day. There is a plan to renovate the kitchen, providing a sanitary and efficient space for food preparation. The total cost is estimated at $15,000, please consider donating to the Casa Bugambilia Kitchen, your generosity would bless so many.

Donate to the Casa Bugambilia Kitchen

On October 21, 2018, Juntos Servimos Ministry received a petition to house 50 or more displaced persons who were stranded at the Matamoros/Brownsville border. Although their Casa Bugambilia facility was already functioning at capacity with 18 high need patients, Larry Cox and Dr. Nancy Rodriguez opened their doors to these sojourners. As of October 23, there are over 80 persons, mostly women, and children, living at this facility. It is expected that this will be an ongoing need for the foreseeable future. Read about Teresa Sherwood and Pastor Sharon Reid's experience from visiting Casa Bugambilia here.

Emergency Care— Men, women, and children are arriving at Casa Bugambilia with little or no resources. There is an immediate need for food, water, medicine, bedding, and clothing.

Donate to Casa Bugambilia Emergency Care 


Juntos Servimos, our ministry partner since 1999, helps poor families in the border town of Matamoros, Mexico transform their community through improved health, education and shelter. They are especially involved in the care of the disabled, the ill, and the abandoned in these communities.

First Methodist has provided over 1800 wheelchairs and countless crutches, walkers, medical supplies, and disability equipment to members of the community. Our mission teams provide therapeutic assistance, fellowship, and needed facility repairs and construction. Wheelchairs are acquired through our partnership with Joni and friends, global disabilities ministry. Church volunteers helped to construct Casa Bugambilia, the refuge center that cares for critically ill people who have no others means for care.