AIM Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great way to keep your kids engaged in music over the summer but with a change of pace! You do not have to be a piano student to enjoy these camps either! These camps are geared towards kids age 6 and up that love music and want to have a fun summer experience! 

Mansfield Summer Strings Camp

June 20-24 • 9 am-3 pm • A 113

We are excited to welcome you to the first year of the Mansfield Summer Strings Camp! This has been a dream for many years, and with the partnership between the Arts Institute of Mansfield, Mansfield Philharmonic and teachers in Mansfield ISD we are excited to finally see it come to fruition! 

With the continued growth of the strings program in Mansfield, we wanted a place where all students currently studying a string instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass) could come to have an opportunity to work with and learn from quality instructional faculty from around the Mansfield area. It is our desire that each student grow musically and personally while at the same time enjoy all the fun, fellowship and excitement of camp.


Road Trip USA Music Camp

June 27 – July 1 • 9 am – 12 pm • A Building

This 5-day camp celebrates the diverse music and composers of the United States. Each day campers “travel” throughout America discovering various styles of music, listening to the music of gifted composers and learning/reviewing music fundamentals. Join us on our journey from D.C to the Wild West, from New Orleans to New York and finally ending in the paradise of Hawaii! This camp is great for all ages 6+ and levels, including beginners that have never taken lessons! This would be a great camp to do with a friend! 


Hogwarts Music Camp

Our most popular camp is back for its 5th year! This year we are changing things up and adding a second week of camp, due to its popularity! Both weeks will be the same except for the houses that kids are sorted into. There are 6 spots per house so that we can try to keep the teams even!

Hogwarts School of Magic and Music is a 15-hour camp that celebrates music and the delightful theme of Harry Potter and all things magic. Hogwarts Summer Magic and Music Camp injects an element of fun and mystery into the world of music study. Students come to Hogwarts anticipating the unexpected. Hogwarts Music Camp seeks to provide that unexpected yet educational aspect to summer camp. Students are sorted into “houses” by ability and age at the beginning of camp. Each house “travels” together throughout the day to various locations to delve into musical styles, skills and games. Camp focuses on the development of techniques fundamental to the success of assigned camp pieces. Through “house” activities, Hogwarts campers strengthen rhythmic skills, listening skills, rudiments of theory, and music history. Games played at camp not only reinforce musical knowledge and skill but promote a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. We had so many fun things planned last year that we ran out of time, so we added another day this year! We will end the camp with a fun Escape room. Even if your child has attended in the past, each year at Hogwarts is slightly different and always magical! Owls, Magical snacks, and other fun treats included! Cost of the camp is $175.

Gryffindor | Slytherin • July 11 – 15 • 9 am – 12 pm • A Building


Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff • July 25 – 29 • 9 am – 12 pm • A Building