Restoration Community

What is Restoration Community?

Restoration Community is a night of worship and support for the entire family dedicated to seeking the transformative love and power of Jesus Christ to restore, heal, and renew our lives through a faithful, loving community. Restoration Community is designed to provide a safe space to form supportive, loving connections with other believers and find support, healing, and restoration during times of grief, stress, depression, anxiety, despair, and addiction. Thus our hope is that through life’s toughest time, you find is us a community committed to restoring your spirit.   We offer childcare and programming for all ages. Email if you have any questions or would like more information.

Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.   Jesus (Matthew 11:28)

What is the Restoration Community Schedule?


6:00 pm Restoration Community Group meets in Building C, Room C8


6:30 pm Restoration Community worship service in our Chapel. 
7:30 pm Restoration Community Groups meet in our Building C Classrooms.

Who is welcome at Restoration Community?

Everyone is invited and welcome! We all experience stress, loss, pain, grief, and hurts throughout our lives. When we are struggling or in pain, it is natural and easy to feel more isolated and find it harder to cope. This affects us and our loved ones. Jesus invites us to come to Him with our struggles and pain. Our hope is that, through connecting with God and others, you experience community, understanding, comfort, and support.

Is there anything available for my children during this time?

Restoration Community is a family night! When one person in a home or family is struggling, everyone is affected, we are here to be a safe space and support for the whole family. 

Restoration Community Kids is open to all children 1st – 4th grade who have parents attending Restoration Community worship and Community Groups. In Restoration Community Kids, we provide a safe environment and tools for children to process all that is going on in their daily lives in an age-appropriate way surrounded by caring staff and adult volunteers. Those younger than 1st grade are welcome to be in Kids Care. Please register for our Restoration Community Kids and Kids Care here. Email for more information. 

Restoration Community Students is open to all students in 5th grade – 12th grade. Students are encouraged to attend the Restoration Community service at 6:30 pm in the Chapel. A section will be reserved specifically for our students. After the service, a student breakout group will meet together in a classroom to dive deeper into the message and participate in group discussions led by dedicated adult leaders. Email for more information. 

Can I participate online?

Absolutely! We stream our worship service and would love for you to join us virtually. (To access the service virtually, go to our website homepage and click on the LIVE yellow button in the top right corner of the page during the 6:30 pm Thursday service) All of our groups are held in person except the Caregiver’s Group. Caregivers is held via Zoom. 

What are Restoration Community Groups?

Our Restoration Community groups are designed to provide a safe, healing space where we can connect with others and find a supportive community. Connecting with a supportive group can help us with feelings of loneliness, shame, guilt, and fear; can reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and despair; and can help us practice healthy coping skills for our struggles with addictions, grief, etc.  Our hope is that you find our Restoration Community a place to restore weary souls.

Use the button below to see the groups that meet right after the Restoration Community worship service on Thursday nights.

Restoration Community Groups