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Story Series

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What is your story? 

Everybody has a story, and yet many of us dismiss our stories because we feel like they aren't powerful enough or because of decisions we made in the past that makes us sound less than perfect. Join us in worship starting October 19 and 20 as we take hold of our own stories and begin to understand the importance of being brave and sharing our stories with others. Also, you don't want to miss worship on November 16 and 17. Our very own Dr. V (Dr. Jim Vaszauskas), Superintendent of Mansfield ISD, will be sharing his story in every worship service. This is a series that you do not want to miss.  

This Group Guide is a resource we put together for you to use in your small groups, family, classes, or for your own personal devotional time. The idea behind it is to go to worship each week or watch the message online then use this guide to help facilitate conversation and reflection on that week's message. Contact grouplife@fmcm.org if you have any questions on how to use our Group Guide.

Group Guide:

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