Together Building Campaign

Phase 1 Completed, $1.3MM

Our first step was to improve our parking. We added over 200 new parking spaces and renovated an existing parking lot to add additional handicap and limited mobility parking spaces. We were also able to improve our children’s playground, facilitate easier drop offs in our circle drive and create an outdoor gathering space. The generosity of our church allowed us to complete this project without incurring any additional debt.

Phase 2 In Progress, $500,000

We are currently focused on improving our existing facilities. This first half of Phase 2 will improve our main sanctuary lighting and refresh the look of our bathrooms, hallways and lobby areas, as well as allow us to paint our original sanctuary building. The second half of Phase 2 will focus on refreshing our gym and Sanctuary atrium spaces. This work will be targeted for later in 2021.

Each of these projects will be paid for through the generosity of our donors without incurring any additional debt.

Phase 3 Future Expansion, TBD

The final phase of our three year Together Campaign is focused on adding additional meeting spaces through building expansion. The 2020 pandemic most certainly changed everyone’s thoughts on the effective use of space so we feel like our Phased approach was a fortunate strategy to have employed. There are no current plans to move forward with Phase 3 at this time.