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April 2 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Refresh Women’s Conference
Inspired by IF: Gathering

Indoor Event

Online Event

April 2 • 9 am – 3 pm • Sanctuary & Online • $15

Come be part of a day of gathering and worshiping together as we hear from some incredible teachers!

We’re going to talk about how to live right now in a way that goes against culture. We will learn how to navigate life in a world where chaos and grief and suffering are the norm. How do we build community in the middle of that? How do we tell people about Jesus? There’s a reason we’re here. Our lives matter in this time and we’re not going to waste our moment. Registration includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. For more information, contact refresh@fmcm.org

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Invite your friends, neighbors, daughters, and mom.