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Pastor David's Thought for the Week

by Pastor David Alexander
Pastor David's Thought for the Week

This past weekend I ended our sanctuary services by sharing some feedback I received from a recent first-time guest. 

She arrived early knowing it might take her a few extra minutes to find where to go having never visited our campus before. 

She found a seat, was waiting for the service to begin when she was approached and told by someone, “You are sitting in my seat.” Embarrassed, she moved to another seat knowing then that her first experience at First Methodist Mansfield would not lead to a second visit in the future. 

Now, as disheartening as that was for me to hear, I do celebrate that in nearly fifteen years of serving this great church, I have never heard a story like that before. 

But as I shared this past weekend, one time is already too many because we believe that whenever anyone walks through our doors for the first time, that just might be the day when a life is forever changed. 

One reason you hear our mission statement in every service every weekend is that it’s easy to forget our ‘why.’ And that isn’t because there is anything wrong with you or me, it is because we are human beings who share this weakness of easily forgetting our ‘why.’ 

It is easy to forget who you are, the purpose of your life, the true ambition of what you hope your life will be AND... who really owns the seat you are sitting in

And so today, I want to share this challenge with you.

Whenever first-time guests visit a church and describe what was most significant about their experience, the #1 response is that when they got out of their car, the first thing they saw was a smiling face instead of a closed door. 

So we want to intentionally move outside the many doors we have and seeing each entrance as a front porch where a kind smile is seen and a guest hears, “We are so glad you are here today.”   

Would you be willing to help make that happen? 

If so, here is all you need to do: 

  1. Email me at pastordavid@fmcm.org.
  2. Share the best way to contact you. 
  3. Share which of the times listed below you would be willing to serve. 

                6:00 pm service

                9:10 am - 9:40 am
                10:20 am - 11:10 am
                12:00 pm - 12:15 pm

And just so everyone is clear on why I care so deeply about this effort.

It is because I have seen first hand the vitality of your faith, the strength of our faith community, and the capacity God has given to you, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to transform lives. 

You are a church that is worth a second visit and that is one more of the many reasons it is such an honor and a blessing to serve as your pastor. 

I love you and I am proud of you, 
Pastor David