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Pastor David's Thought for the Week

by Pastor David Alexander
Pastor David's Thought for the Week

Dear First Methodist Family, 
In the last several weeks we have shared several special celebrations. 
Two weeks ago we announced that our Chapel has now officially been named in honor of John Wheat. If you do not know John, he has been one of the great leaders and teachers in our church for many decades. If you missed the video we shared regarding this announcement, please take a minute to watch that here
Last weekend we were blessed to officially welcome home Mike & Rhonda Ramsdell. Pastor Mike is returning to serve as our new Pastor Emeritus and he shared a powerful message in worship last weekend. Again, if you did not get the chance to hear that, you can watch that message here.
Last Wednesday, I also shared an important update about the next steps we are taking to move forward as a congregation. 
One of those steps has already happened with our Come and Go Prayer event we held in our Sanctuary last Saturday. You can mark your calendars now as our plan is to continue sharing this opportunity on the final Saturday of each month. Our next gathering will take place on September 26th.  
But the biggest step is yet to come...
We are so excited to share that we will be launching an outdoor Sunday evening worship service at the beginning of October! 
This new weekly worship opportunity will take place on our new parking lot on Pleasant Ridge Drive, across from our main campus. We will have an area where you can sit outside in our new green space. You will also be able to sit right outside your car. Additionally, we will broadcast worship through an FM transmitter so that you can stay in your car and participate in that way as well. 
Our goal is to provide an opportunity that is safe for all to gather for worship and provide multiple ways for you to participate according to your specific needs and comfort level.
I also want to make sure you know this will be an addition to our weekend worship schedule. We will continue offering excellent online worship at 9:30 and 11 on Sunday mornings. 
More than anything else I want you to hear three things today. 
First, my confidence and faith in you have never been higher. I know you are weary. I know that we all share this longing for this season to come to an end. Alongside that, I have faith that you will continue to be faithful to be the church for one another and for a world who needs the church now more than ever
Secondly, I want you to hear my continued conviction that as God has been faithful in the past, God will be faithful in our future. God has never given us any reason to doubt that we can trust Him for the future
Finally, I want you to have confidence in my continued commitment to be faithful to God and to you in my role as your pastor. I cannot express how deeply I feel the weight of that responsibility. 
I know that every single one of us is doing our very best and I will continue to do my best to give you and God my best in these uncertain times. 
I love you and I’ve never been more proud of you. 
Pastor David