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Message From Pastor David

by Pastor David Alexander
Message From Pastor David

Dear First Family, 

As each day brings more news, I want you to know that the uncertainty you feel is one we all share. You feel it. I feel it. We all do. 

At the same time, I want you to hear that we are refusing to be paralyzed by that discomfort. We will continue to adapt and stay faithful to the principles I have already shared which are, 

  1. Caution (Which is not the same as fear!)
  2. Connection - Doing everything we can to stay connected with you in this time of physical separation. 
  3. Commitment - Staying committed to Christ, committed to our calling and committed to our community. 

I will be sharing a Pastor’s Bible Study from my home at noon today. That will be live on Facebook, on our website and in our mobile app. Broadcasting on each of those platforms - at the same time, and away from our church campus - is something we have never done before. 

I will spare you all of the technological hurdles that are involved, but I want you to know that our staff has been working overtime for more than a week so that we could be ready for the Stay Home, Word Safe order issued by Tarrant County and the City of Mansfield that we thought might come. 

I hope you will join me today for Pastor’s Bible Study today. (And I appreciate your prayers that my wife, Stephanie and I don’t mess it up!)

Alongside all of this, I think it’s important for you to know how diligently we are working to manage the financial reality we are all facing. Our Executive Director, Taylor Davis, and our financial staff have established a working budget that will allow us to continue our work at half of our normal monthly expenses. 

Out of an appreciation of the fact that we know that we are all facing this same challenge, I want you to hear two things. 

  1. Everything we do, we do together means that we can only do this together. To the extent that you are able, we need your support. 
  2. I have confidence that God’s faithfulness and your eager willingness to support us in this temporary circumstance will not only carry us but enable even greater fruitfulness in the days ahead. 

At the bottom of this email, you will see a list of ways you can give right now from your home. 

As counter-intuitive as this may sound, I think we will be a church that has been greatly strengthened when we find ourselves on the other side of our current challenge. 

Looking at our online stats from this weekend, I can tell you that we believe we had our highest attendance of the year between our two online worship services. 

During that message, I shared this quote from A.W. Tozer, 

“A scared world needs a fearless church.”

In every challenge we have faced for almost a decade we have turned to these simple words of faith.  

God is Big Enough! 

I believe that as strongly today as I ever have before. 

And my confidence in you, in us, remains as strong as it has ever been. 

Thank you for caring for one another. Thank you for supporting our continued work in whatever way we can. 

I love you and I am proud of you, 

Pastor David 

There are three ways you can give today to support our ongoing ministry. 

  1. Website - go to fmcm.org/give or here
  2. Church App - text FMCMAPP to 77977 or search FMCM in your app store. 
  3. Mail- you can mail your checks to 951 N. Walnut Creek Dr. Suite 101, Mansfield TX 76063