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Important Update From Pastor David

by Pastor David Alexander
Important Update From Pastor David

Dear First Family, 
On Tuesday evening, I shared with you the next steps we intended to take as we move into the next phase of this temporary season we are experiencing together. If you have not yet had the chance to watch that, I want to urge you to take the time to do so today or in the coming days. 
You can do so via this link or by clicking the graphic below. 

One of the questions that I did not answer on Tuesday evening was the question of, “when?” I do so knowing that it’s appropriate for you to feel some disappointment in that.
It might surprise you, but I want you to know that I share in that sense of disappointment. Uncertainty seems to be the most certain aspect of life right now
I wish I had an answer for myself. 
I wish I had an answer for you. 
But as I shared with you on Tuesday night, one of the most beneficial learnings I’ve received from great mentors in my life is the importance of appreciating what you do not know. 
It is humbling but critical to be able to acknowledge that with others. 
It is equally important to admit that to yourself. 
None of us have all the answers. 
More importantly, none of us are the answer.
What I can say with confidence is where we are heading and how we will get there. 
Our ultimate destination is for our entire church to be able to safely gather again. This is where we are heading!
We will continue taking steps forward based on these convictions and values.  

  • Caution - Making decisions based on wisdom, not fear. 
  • Connection - Being vigilant in our efforts to stay connected with one another. 
  • Commitment - Staying committed to Christ, our mission and the community we serve. 

To these three words I highlighted these values on Tuesday, which I trust you already know, but are worth highlighting as we move through this time.

  1. We believe that, All means All.
  2. leading church has a responsibility to lead

Again, if you have not already done so, please take time to watch Tuesday’s presentation. It is important information about your church. Additionally, while it’s a presentation that I shared, it is truly the fruit of the shared work of your pastors, staff and the lay leadership of this great church. 
Let me close with one final thought. It is something else I believe you already know but a principle I know I need to return to again and again. 
God honors those who seek to honor God. 
I trust you have experienced that in your own life. I know you have seen it in the lives of others. It is a conviction we see evidence of all throughout the scriptures. 
However long it may take us to reach our final destination, what matters most is how we get there
And the ‘how’ of the Christian life is always ‘by faith.
We know where we are heading. 
We know how we will get there. 
We know who is our answer. 

I want you to hear how much I appreciate your prayers for our pastors, our staff, our leaders, and myself because we need them. I ask that you would continue in that. Please know if you have any questions about anything I mentioned in the video or in this thought for the week, you can email me at pastordavid@fmcm.org . 

Pray for your church and that God would continue to sustain us through faith. As we persist in these prayers, know that I continue to give God thanks for you and the incredible honor of serving this incredible church. I love you and I am proud of you, 
Pastor David