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God's Backyard

by Teresa Sherwood

As each new school year begins, our church has a special focus on students and teachers, both in our community and in our world. Locally, we lift up all of our school personnel in prayer, individually by name, as they begin the new year. We partner with Common Ground Network to provide backpacks and school supplies to children in need. We provide weekend and summer supplemental food to needy students. And we train and support volunteer mentors to help struggling kids through the Big Hope Program.

And at the beginning of each school year, we partner with the United Methodist Church to support students in our mission school in Ganta, Liberia. Halfway around the world, kids encounter the same message of grace and encouragement that we share with the kids in our own community. The Ganta Methodist Mission School is a beacon of hope for families who cannot afford to send their children to school. It offers hope for the future, wrapped in a message of God’s grace in each of their lives.

You can provide an entire year of school for a child in Liberia for just $200.

Click here to learn more and to donate toward the Ganta Scholarship Fund.

Would you like a glimpse into the heart of ministry at the Ganta Mission School? This is a portion of the newsletter we received earlier this year from Rev Priscilla Jaiah, the missionary who oversees the Ganta Mission Station:

"This year Christmas was celebrated with a three ­day camp called “No Room In the Inn/Lock-In”, for children from 3­-18 years old. The mission station in cooperation with the Miller McAllister UMC decided to conduct this camp in order to provide a safe environment for the children of the Ganta Community where they could have fun and enjoy Christmas, instead of just being in the streets. The 120 children who attended the camp learned the birth story of Christ through songs, Bible verses, drama and craft projects focusing on Peace, Hope, Joy, Love and the Light that was brought to the world by Jesus' birth. The camp was climaxed on Monday, December 25, 2017, at 6:30 pm with the children going around the city of Ganta singing Christmas carols in hospitals to patients and staff."

C:\Users\Priscilla\Desktop\Camp photos\20171225_193148.jpg

It is a blessing to know that God’s backyard has no fences,

His Kingdom no borders.