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First Methodist's Weekly Newsletter

by Shelby Meeks
First Methodist's Weekly Newsletter

Be Here

Our focus for this summer is BE HERE!

This focus is divided out into three parts:

1.  We want to challenge ourselves to be fully present with others wherever we find ourselves in this season. We want you to claim BE HERE if you have some time to get away this summer. We want you to think about BE HERE when spending time with family.

2. We want to challenge you to BE HERE in worship with us this summer! Even if you are on vacation, do you know you can worship with us and give online? Go to fmcm.org/behere for more information. 

3. We want to BE HERE with you as you celebrate this summer! Take us on vacation with you or to your special events by purchasing your IM HERE t-shirt and sharing that picture with us by tagging us on social media or emailing it to us at behere@fmcm.org. We will be showing your fun summer pictures before each worship service this summer. 

VBC Training Night
Have you signed up to volunteer for Vacation Bible Camp? If so, join us on Wednesday, June 12 at 5 pm. We will equip you with all of the information and resources you need to help us have a successful and fun week. You will also have a chance to pick up your volunteer t-shirt that night.  If you have not signed up to volunteer, and you are interested, you can do so here!

United Mission Week
JULY 14-18
United Mission Week is an exciting event where students and volunteers come together to serve local families through construction projects as well as partnering with local non-profit organizations to serve the Mansfield/Arlington area. Please register by June 14 to guarantee your spot! For more information contact Andrew Hudson or visit the website.

AIM Music Camps
Summer camps are a great way to keep your kids engaged in music over the summer but with a change of pace! They can still have musical growth while having fun! You do not have to be a piano student to enjoy these camps either! These camps are geared towards kids age 6-and-up that love music and want to have a fun summer experience! They may even learn something they did not already know as well! To check out the camps that we are offering and to hear about special camp offers, visit the website above!

Starting Point
Starting Point is a casual and relaxed gathering led by our Senior Pastor, David Alexander. All guests interested in joining the church are invited to learn more about the church, our mission, and what we believe. This is an opportunity to ask questions and meet our pastors and members of our staff. Childcare is available. Visit our website to register!

Boomers Nashville Trip
Travel to Nashville via motor-coach experiencing 2 great shows, tours of Nashville, Belle Meade Plantations, Country Music Hall of Fame, Mansion at Fontanel and much more on this 6 day, 5 night Nashville Show Trip. Contact Denise Wilkens for more information at denisew@fmcm.org. Register HERE. Today is your last chance to sign up, so don't miss it!!