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A Note From Pastor Shea

by Pastor Shea Reyenga
A Note From Pastor Shea

Dear First Family,
As Pastor David shared with us during his thought of the week on Wednesday night, I hope you make worship a non-negotiable in your life. This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday in addition to being the last Sunday in our sermon series The Next Great Awakening. So far, we’ve each shared God’s word with you concerning the Holy Spirit, repentance, and prayer. Given the significance of this Sunday, I want to encourage you to set aside more time than you normally would to pray. The way we sustain life in the Spirit and maintain a humble and contrite heart before God is through prayer. As I shared with you last Sunday, I think prayer is the church’s highest priority. Poet Alfred Lord Tennyson once said, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” We cannot expect revival to happen in our own lives, nevermind the wider world, if we aren’t people of prayer. I’m looking forward to worshipping with you for this final week of the series.  
Please take a look at what is upcoming below.
Students, we are ready to worship with you! United Worship starts back up THIS WEEK! United Worship is a special online worship experience specifically for our students. Worship is led by Josh Roberts, and, this week, Pastor Julian will be giving the message! Make plans to worship with us online through fmcmonline.org, Facebook Live, Roku, or United Student Ministry Social Media. Worship will be Sunday nights at 7:30 pm.
Second Graders! We do NOT want you to have to wait until we reopen our doors to give you your very own special Bible. Our team has been working hard on a NEW plan to get your Bible to you starting on June 1st. If you have a child who just completed 2nd grade or older who wants a Bible, this is for you too. Our goal is to provide every child who wants and needs one an age appropriate Bible of their very own. We will have two different opportunities for you to receive your Bible:
**Drive by pick up on June 1st from 1-3 pm in the Drive by the Sanctuary with Pastor David and Michelle Gery, our Children's Director
**Or our Children's Ministry Team will deliver them to your home the week of June 1st
Join us for a special prayer during all services on June 7th with your Bible. Register at fmcm.org/bibles
Here is the schedule for this weekend and the upcoming week. Please take note and share with others. 

I want to encourage you to worship with us and continue your giving online or by downloading our Church App by texting FMCMAPP to 77977 or by searching FMCM in your App Store. 
I thank God for you and praise Him for your faithfulness to the gospel. I look forward to seeing you around campus when the wave of this virus subsides. That day can’t come soon enough!
Grace and Peace in Christ,
Pastor Shea